At Aubergine Ventures LLC, we look for interesting investment opportunities, including in bankruptcy situations.  We take pride in salvaging the hard work of individuals whose contributions might otherwise go by the wayside.  Aubergine Ventures has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Aubergine Medical LLC and Aubergine Pharmaceuticals LLC.

Aubergine Medical closed its first transaction in 2013, acquiring certain assets relating to an FDA-approved synthetic skin for treating burn victims.  This synthetic skin (known as AWBAT, and rebranded by Aubergine as SkynTec) is an improvement over a predecessor synthetic skin by the same inventor.  The predecessor synthetic skin (known as Biobrane) is still sold by Smith & Nephew.

Aubergine Pharmaceuticals closed its first transaction in 2015, acquiring from a Spanish pharmaceutical company the rights to patented and patent pending drug compounds that are promising potential treatments for Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS, stroke, and other disorders impacting the nervous system.

Through the Aubergine companies, the principals of Aubergine have participated in a number of bankruptcy auctions and have climbed the learning curve in this complex but exciting arena.